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Erja Lyytinen

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Erja Lyytinen

Erja Lyytinen Kerubissa torstaina 20.10.2022!

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“She´s the future”, told Carlos Santana to audience when he asked Erja to join him on stage in front of 20 000 people at Kaisaniemi Park Finland 2018. Erja Lyytinen, “The Queen of Slide Guitar” has become internationally celebrated guitarist with multiple awards and recognitions such as Number 2 on Total Guitar´s “World´s Best Guitarists Now” poll and European Blues Awards “Guitarist of the Year” award. She has released her biographical book called “The Blues Queen” including stories how she shares stages with the legends such as Carlos Santana, Dan Aykroyd, Sonny Landreth and Jennifer Batten. Lyytinen’s musical pallet is vast, encompassing the very best of contemporary blues-rock whilst inspired and influenced by the blues greats of yore. During 2020, with activities limited due to the lockdown, Lyytinen began to work on new ventures such as the development of her own brand of tea. She also worked on two songbooks including her most favorite songs. In November 2020 was also released highly appraised “Lockdown Live” – album recorded during heaviest restrictions from which Powerplay Magazine put it together pointly “Lockdown Live” is a triumph.”




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